The Crucial TEFL Guide

Learn TEFL skills that will make you a professional English as a second Language teacher with this free online course.
Want to know the difference between a successful ESL teacher from an unsuccessful one? Ever wondered how to overcome the hurdles and difficulties that come with teaching English as a second language? This free online course, The Crucial TEFL Guide will teach you all the strategies, methods, skills, and technical know-how of how to successfully teach ESL with optimal results. You will also learn how to instill the right attitude in your students.


In This Free Course, You Will Learn How To

  • Define self-evaluation
  • Identify good and bad teaching traits
  • List the advantages and disadvantages of pair and group work
  • Explain co-operative learning and state reasons for incorporating it
  • Discuss the methods and techniques used to present new vocabulary to a class
  • Explain CCQ and how to use them with new vocabulary
  • Combine and use different techniques in your class to get the best from your students
  • Create a purposeful lesson plan
  • Identify stages of a lesson plan
  • Distinguish clear objectives and goals in your lesson plan
  • Define classroom management and establish rules for it