Learn English: Phrasal Verbs for Cleaning and Chores

Learn the grammar of phrasal verbs and imperatives in this free online English course that provides cleaning vocabulary.

This English course explores the words related to household cleaning and products. The course enhances your grammar ability by explaining parts of speech such as imperatives, direct object pronouns, and phrasal verbs. You will learn where to place direct objects in a phrasal verb, easily hold a conversation and write a paragraph using the new vocabulary you have learned. We also demonstrate how to give and take orders in English.


In This Free Course, You Will Learn How To

  • Recall the vocabulary needed for cleaning
  • Identify the supplies used for cleaning around the home
  • Summarize how you can use some cleaning words as a noun or a verb
  • Recognize positive and negative imperatives and when to use them
  • Discuss direct object pronouns, their function, and placement in sentences
  • Explain phrasal verbs, how they function, and show their meaning
  • Outline where to place direct objects in phrasal verbs
  • Arrange a conversation between two people to discuss what you need to clean