Introduction to Report Writing

Learn how to write formal reports in this free online business English course that improves your communication skills. Writing reports is a key skill used to drive effective communication in the professional world. Reports serve as a powerful tool that transforms raw data and information into meaningful insights and actionable recommendations. This business English equips you with the communication skills needed to excel in the field of report writing. We cover English grammar, examine the structure of reports and explain how to add visual elements to your work.


In This Free Course, You Will Learn How To

  • Explain the purpose and importance of reports
  • Outline the various factors and questions to be considered when writing a report
  • List and discuss the stages involved in report writing
  • Explain how to create a skeletal framework for a report
  • Compare various sources of information
  • Outline the methods used to gather information
  • Discuss the importance of punctuation in report writing
  • Explain the purpose of a proposal and list its types
  • Outline the steps involved in writing a proposal
  • Summarise the factors to be considered when selecting the overall layout and design of a report
  • Define ‘creative thinking’ and describe the characteristics of creative thinkers
  • Describe some guidelines to be followed when writing the first draft of a report