English Grammar – Prepositions & Conjunctions (Intermediate level)

Learn how to use prepositions and conjunctions correctly with this free intermediate level English grammar course.

This free online English language course teaches you about prepositions and conjunctions, which form important parts of English sentences. It will guide you through their different uses so that you can understand them easily and express yourself more clearly and precisely. This course also features audio recordings of native English speakers to help you.


In This Free Course, You Will Learn How To

  • Explain how conjunctions provide extra information in sentences
  • Describe how conjunctions are used to give us information, make comparisons, predict the future and make suggestions
  • List examples of using nouns, pronouns and -ing words with conjunctions
  • Relate which prepositions we use to talk about time, distance and states
  • State which words and phrases are used to describe preparing for something that is unlikely to happen
  • Outline why we use the present form of the verb to talk about the future
  • Analyze which words/phrases we use to talk about why we did something in the past or what we should do in the future
  • Identify how certain words/phrases refer to states or outcomes that depend on other factors