Early Childhood Dual Learning

Discover critical dual language acquisition models, techniques and important theories in this free online course.

Explore the scientifically proven methods for promoting dual language in young children in this course. Delve into important topics such as language development theories, vocabulary growth in bilingual children, and language skills of dual language learners. The course also discusses the impact of technology on language development and offers guidance for parents to help their children in dual language learning programs. Join this course today.


In This Free Course, You Will Learn How To

  • Describe the stages of language development
  • Summarise various critical theories of language development
  • Explain the concept of dual language learning
  • Discuss how play contributes to language development
  • Outline what technology can do to facilitate dual language learning
  • Describe Krashen Model of second language acquisition
  • Outline effective approaches to develop dual language skills in early childhood